Today's 30 day real estate update is for Waterford Crossing, Palm Harbor.  This is a stable neighborhood, and the real estate sales for Waterford Crossing reflect as much, since there are no new listings in the last 30 days.

There are still two houses listed, one for just under $300,000 with 29 days on market and the other for just below $245,000 with 77 days on market.  The house for just under $300,000 had been listed as high at $415,000 as recently as 2009.

One house is under contract for $249,900 after 122 days on market.  This is a short sale so it may take a while before it actually closes.

As a total aside, there was an interesting column in today's St. Pete Times.  Here is an excerpt from today's column, by Howard Troxler in the St. Pete Times.  He is talking about peole who think they can do the same thing as most experts without getting the experience and knowledge.

"You might remember, during the bull market, a rash of commercials in which anybody who knew anything about investing was the butt of the joke. Who needs them? After all, they've only spent a lifetime trying to learn it, and any guy with a computer and a "Day Trading for Dummies" book can do just as well. For some reason this movement lost steam when the market crashed. Go figure.

Likewise, during the height of the real estate boom, the for-sale-by-homeowner movement took off, because what could an agent possibly know? Yet a good Realtor (I said a good one) knows more about how to sell a house than you'll ever know.

The absurd extreme, of course, comes in our politics. It's always amazing how many people choose our leaders based on whether he or she is "a regular guy" or "somebody I can relate to" or because "she's just like me."

Good grief! I am an ignoramus about most things, most of the time. I don't want somebody "just like me" to be my surgeon, my airline pilot or even my plumber, let alone the president. I want people who know more than I do.

You know. The "elites." "  If you would like to read the entire column, visit Mr. Troxler's site and see other columns too.

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