Remember when getting a home loan was NOT impossible?  Thanks to the creation of the Appraisal Management Company or AMC for appraisals, experienced appraisers are a dying breed.  Well, VA home loans are a great opportunity to get a loan.  Why, you may ask?  Here are a few reasons.

100% financing - NO down payment for loans less than $417,000 as long as the veteran is fully entitled.

Monthly mortgage insurance is NOT required??  This means a lower monthly payment.

The seller can pay ALL or the buyers' closing costs AND can the seller can use the 4% seller concessions allowed to pay the VA Funding Fee or credit card debt to help the buyer qualify for the loan.

ASSUMABLE.  If the buyer qualifies for the loan, the loan may be assumed.  This is a wonderful resale option if interest rates at the time of resale are higher than the VA loan.

There are NO prepayment penalties.  The borrower may payoff the loan at any time with no penalty or restriction.

With these very attractive options, 100% financing, no mortgage insurance, 4% seller concessions and all closing costs covered, ASSUMABLE and no pre-payment penalties, it is well worthwhile to look at a VA loan.

And there is one more huge benefit, VA has its own experienced appraisers and does not use Appraisal Management Companies or AMCs.