Most people who are looking for a home start with resale houses.  In today's market, an overlooked market could be new construction.  Let's look at some of the issues for comparison, especially in a market like that we are experiencing in the Tampa Bay area.  Many of the most desirable locations are already built out so often the only option is to buy a resale house.  The biggest advantage is the location.  A resale house be in the perfect location, for schools, shopping, health care, or other amenities.  Potential drawbacks might be delayed maintenance, the architecture isn't exactly what the buyer wants, the appliances can be older or in need of immediate replacement, the roof might be nearing the end of its life.  Purchasing a home warranty is a prudent precaution.  Advantages, besides the location may be the yard is perfect with mature landscaping, the cost per square foot (when considering some of the features) might be less than most new construction, the local restaurants and shopping are very convenient, the school is close enough to walk to.

New construction may have some disadvantages.  The location might be farther from amenities, such as schools, shopping, restaurants, etc. than similar older houses.  The landscaping is probably not as lush or mature as more established neighborhoods.

Some of the advantages of buying new construction can include bulider financing that can save closing costs, the new home construction comes with a builder's warranty so that anything that goes wrong in the first year is fixed.  The buyer has direct input into the exact layout of the house and the appliances and other features (surround sound, special lighting, flooring, etc.) that would be extra costs to install in older construction.  And one of the biggest advantages of buying new construction, everything is brand new!! In some micro-markets, new construction costs can be just about the same as purchasing a resale house.

There are builders who have come to realize that huge building developments might not be such a good idea and are now looking for smaller areas, scattered lots within a targeted area.  They build homes that are in the right location, meet the cost needs of many buyers, and come with the builder's warranty.  If you are looking for the best of all worlds, new construction that is not in a huge development just might be the answer.

Sometimes the location is the absolute most important benefit.  Sometimes the newness can be the most important benefit.  Then, as with most house purchases, a blend of convenience, amenities, location, and cost lead to the best decision.

Planning during the construction of a new home can be hugely entertaining for some, or a bother for others.  You make the decision.  Sometimes new construction really is the better deal, even if you have to drive a few extra minutes to work or to the grocery store.