There are plenty or reasons to buy real estate and live in Dunedin, FL.  One of the best is the Pinellas Bike Trail.  It runs the length of the city, and passes by the Dunedin Blue Jays stadium, the Dunedin Causeway, the Dunedin Golf Club and on into Palm Harbor.  Buying Dunedin real estate is the best way to take advantage of all the benefits of this wonderful small city lifestyle.  You can use the Marina for your boat, play golf on the Golf Club course - former home of the PGA, or stroll out along the Dunedin Causeway to Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island State Parks.

Of course, there are lots of wonderful shops in the city, and restaurants are everywhere, and they are good!!  There are 55+ condos from less than $75,000 to higher, single family homes along the golf course, waterfront estates, and plenty of other opportunities for real estate in Dunedin.

So check it out, the lifestyle is terrific!