This is a listing of ten of our favorite breakfast restaurants in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs and Dunedin.  This is by no means comprehensive and they are in no particular order.  This list has been compiled by going to each one several times, with our parents so we get additional input.  So let’s get started.

Tiffany’s Restaurant in Palm Harbor offers breakfast all day.  They have wonderful crepes and all their portions are plentiful.  Get coffee and your cup is never empty.  With each breakfast comes a basket of mini-corn muffins that are simply delicious.  Tiffany’s is on the west side of US 19, just south of Alderman Road.  Check out their website:

The Lucky Dill Deli in Palm Harbor is also on the west side of US 19N.  This is a true New York deli with New York breakfasts and incredible portions.  The Dill, as many of the locals refer to it, offers a full menu and lunch sandwiches are easily good for two meals.  Check out the breakfast menu:

First Watch in Alderman Plaza, on the west side of US 19, offers fresh ingredients and excellent breakfasts, with as good a cup of coffee as you’ll find in any restaurant.  Their breakfast crepes are on our list of best of the best. They also offer brunch and lunch.  Check out the locations around the area:

Rodies Restaurant and Pancake House, on Alt 19 in Tarpon Springs also has breakfasts worth going out of your way to eat.  And, they top the list of my wife’s favorite for crepes.  ‘Nuff said there.  The breakfast skillets are enough for two, and are delicious.  Take a look at their breakfast menu:

Our Place on Route 580 in Dunedin is the place for home cooking comfort food for breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner.  The breakfast is cooked to order and the staff is really friendly.  Plus, they offer New York water bagels, can it get any better?  Take a look at their breakfast menu:

Chatterbox North on Alt. 19 at the intersection of Alderman Road in Palm Harbor has the friendliest staff you could ask for.  The breakfast is wonderful, as you can tell because the place is full every Sunday morning.  The coffee keeps coming, the food is served quickly and is delicious.  You can’t beat the price either.  Check out the comments on Yelp:

Chloes Family Restaurant on Alt. 19 in Tarpon Springs, just across from Helen Ellis Hospital offers delicious breakfasts and huge portions at very reasonable prices.  The place is very clean, the owner also waits tables and is happy to talk with everyone.  This is another restaurant where if you leave hungry, it is not their fault.  Check out their menu on Yelp:

George’s Breakfast Station on Alt. 19 in Tarpon Springs is easy to miss, however the locals definitely know where it is.  They focus on great service, keeping your coffee filled, and delivering freshly cooked and hot breakfast,  and offer specials all the time.  It is clean, the staff is friendly, the service is really fast, and you get a great breakfast at a great price.  Give them at try on S. Pinellas Ave.

Kelly’s on Main Street in downtown Dunedin is in the middle of the action of the Main Street section of downtown.  The breakfast is outstanding, and the portions are enough for the biggest appetite.  You can eat inside, or when the weather is pleasant (when is it not in Florida) you can eat on the outdoor patio.  The staff is wonderful, the locals eat here and the prices are good.  Check out Kelly’s for a wonderful meal.

Bob Evans on US 19 in Clearwater has wonderful breakfasts, as evidenced by the crowds every morning.  Yes, this is a national chain, and we do eat there, and it is good. The staff is pleasant and the service is very good.  Besides, it made the top four for Gwen’s favorite breakfast crepes. With the total makeover the restaurant had last year, dining in is more pleasant than ever. Check out their menu:

So there is our list of ten favorite breakfast restaurants in the Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater and Tarpon Springs area.  Now go out there try these, then find ten of your own favorites and let us know what you think.  The area has lots more restaurants that are outstanding, these are just some of the many we really like.  Any list that has more than ten places gets watered down.