Oldsmar, FL is a wonderful community in the Tampa Bay area.  The following data can help you determine the current situation of the real estate market, especially in Oldsmar, FL.  Here are some pertinent statistics for real estate activity in Oldsmar for the first two months of 2010.

Price range $300,000 - $500,000:  Active listings 40; Under contract 5; Pending sale 3; Sold 2;  Expired listings 7; Average days on market 238

Price range $175,000 - $300,000:  Active listings 44; Under contract 4; Pending sale 8; Sold 4; Expired listings 12; Average days on market 69

Price range up to $175,000:  Active listings 33; Under contract 10; Pending sale 11; Sold 12; Expired listings 5; Average days on market 67

In most cases, houses that expire are priced too high, although there can be other causes, such as poor condition.  However, if priced correctly, just about anything will sell.  Higher priced houses simply take longer to sell since there are fewer buyers as price increases.  The numbers show that there are fewer listings in Oldsmar for $175,000 or less and more houses sold in that same price range, so the most activity is in the under $175,000 price range.  Also, these houses sold quicker than the higher ranges.  The Oldsmar real estate market is very active under $175,000, and this is typical for the greater Tampa Bay area.  Higher priced houses have fewer qualified buyers available so the sales numbers for the higher priced houses are a bit less encouraging. 

With interest rates at historic lows, and home prices at ten year lows, this is a terrific time for qualified buyers to find outstanding value when looking for their new home.