Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the scale says so.  The next couple weeks are a frenzy of diet and prepping/shopping/baking for the end of the year holidays.  And for football fans, you will learn the holiday bowl pairings very soon.

Do you find that the more success you have, people say how much luckier you are getting?  Read on.

Monday Morning Coffee


"'Lucky' is what others will call you after your hard work produces results."
~ Og Mandino


Ever hear your parents or grandparents tell you to "Keep your nose to the grindstone" when explaining the secret to success? If so, they probably ended your education right there . . . leaving you totally in the dark about the meaning behind the expression.

Looking deeper, there were probably three key words: "Keep," "nose," and "grindstone." "Keep" meant "keep on keeping on!" It was another way of saying, "Be persistent," or "Never, never, never quit!" Results in any legitimate pursuit are the result of total commitment to the outcome.

The second keyword - "nose" - referred to staying close to the matter at hand. Picture yourself at the grindstone, with your face - and nose - close to the turning stone. By keeping a close eye on the grinding process - by being completely focused - few errors can occur which, in turn, assures a successful outcome.

The final word - "grindstone" - refers to the work (or job) itself. You must first choose your objective, i.e. sharpening the blade at the grindstone, before applying any effort. You must choose a worthy objective before applying either persistence or focus.

Success is inevitable when you apply the grindstone principle. It's a cryptic message, yet so simple. Apply it to all aspects of your life and others will surely call you "lucky!"