In Florida there are many distressed properties and many of those homes are subject to foreclosure.  It is a good thing for you to understand the Florida foreclosure law if you plan to allow you home to go to foreclosure, or if you can't avoid it because the short sale process simply didn't work.

A valid option to foreclosure is a short sale, however many people who own distressed property do not have the time or patience necessary for a successful short sale, nor do many buyers.  Currently, banks are causing the short sale process to take up to a year, and in some cases even longer because of the backlog of distressed property.  That is a very long time to put your life on hold.

Click this link for Florida foreclosures to help understand the complex issues of foreclosure in Florida as well as the protections afforded the consumer.  While a short sale can be the best option to protect one's credit rating, sometimes circumstances don't allow enough time for the homeowner.  Hopefully, the banking industry will use the new HAFA guidelines to begin to streamline the short sale process for all distressed property owners so we can begin the recovery in real estate we are all looking for.