Dunedin goes green. No one who lives in Dunedin would be surprised at that headline. What may be a surprise to the residents, and winter residents of this community on Florida's west coast, is that it is the first local government in the state of Florida to earn the designation as Certified Green Local Government at the Platinum level, awarded by the Florida Green Building Coalition.  There will be a formal presentation to city officials on Dec. 19.

Welcome to Dunedin

The city is very active in promoting the environment so that its citizens, and visitors can enjoy the most pleasant experience possible.  The city parks are well used and very clean.  And the city is a pet friendly community that encourages people to walk their dogs in the parks.  Doggy bag stations are readily available throughout the city.  If it sounds like a great place to live, visit Dunedin real estate for sale.

The environmental awareness of quality of life, coupled with the numerous events held throughout the year, including: Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras parade, Wines the Blues Festival, Old Fashioned Christmas on Main Street, juried Arts and Crafts Festivals, and much more, are among the many reasons that people want to buy Dunedin real estate and live here year 'round, or at least for the winters.  The Florida winters can be a little chilly, even hitting a frost warning on rare occasions, however, in Dunedin we simply don't have to deal with a foot or two of snow.  You can simply plant your two feet in the sand on the beach.

When you do visit the beaches, keep in mind that this community is active in recycling, community planning, water and energy use, waste management and so much more.  To learn more about the prestigious Platinum Certified Green Local Government award, visit Dunedin goes green to learn why people like to buy Dunedin real estate and live in this wonderful community.