Dunedin is a very lively community with plenty of things to do.  Last week's crafts fair was very well attended, with thousands of visitors to the downtown Main Street.

Coming in the next week are:

June 28:  A Guided Night Hike for kids age 5-11 in Hammock Park, at 1900 San Mateo.  There is a fee for this event, $20 per child.  Be there, and the kids will not only have fun, they will learn something.

June 29: Food Truck Rally at the Dunedin Blue Jays game.  Come to the game, see the Dunedin Blue Jays play, and beat, the Tampa Yankees.

July 4:  FREE admission to the Blue Jays game!  Then, a concert after the game.  And then, FREE fireworks display at the stadium starting about 9:30 PM.  This will be a really fun day for the entire family.

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Now, enjoy the Dunedin lifestyle!!