Here is another in our occasional series of 60 day updates for various neighborhoods real estate activity.  In the past 60 days in Crescent Oaks Country Club, there have been 5 houses sold.  The average sold price for these houses in Crescent Oaks Country Club was $353,700.  The average square footage was 3,432, and all were pool homes.  The average sold price per square foot was $104.

The average days on market was 269.  Days on market is how long it takes from the time a house is listed until it goes under contract.  The shorter the days on market, the more accepting the market place is to the listed price.

In Crescent Oaks Country Club, of the five sold houses, one was on the market for only 35 days.  At the other end of the spectrum was a home that sold for $345,000 and had 623 days on market.

There are currently 12 houses with active listings in Crescent Oaks Country Club.  The prices range from a high of $873,233 for a 5,783 square foot pool home, to a low of $199,500 for a 3 bedroom villa.  The villa only has 5 days on market.  The higher priced home has 951 days on market.

If you would like to follow listings in Crescent Oaks Country Club, visit Sun Bay Associates search site, enter the name of whichever subdivision you want to search, and get the info you want.

The very best news is that the Crescent Oaks Country Club has re-opened the golf course.  So take a look at the opportunity to own a home in a golfing community, with a newly opened and excellent golf course.