Here is the Baywood Village 60 day update for real estate activity in this waterfront Palm Harbor community.  There presently are 9 homes listed for sale in Baywood Village, with 5 houses under contract and 2 houses sold in the last 60 days in Baywood Village, Palm Harbor.

Of the 9 homes for sale in Baywood Village, five have been on the market for more than 4 months, with four of these houses having 523, 709, 960 and 1010 days on market.  That amount of days on market is a strong indicator that the market is rejecting the list prices of these homes.  The prices for all nine homes on the market in Baywood Village, Palm Harbor range from $799,000 to $150,000.  The house listed for $799,000 has the 1010 days on market.

Of the five houses listed as under contract in Baywood Village, two are short sales and one is a foreclosed property. 

Two houses sold in Baywood Village in the last 60 days.  One, at 350 Westwinds, on the water sold in only 45 days.  This is an example of the market readily accepting the list price.  The other sale was sold in 164 days, a completely remodeled home on the water. 

As time allows, we'll look at the days on market for various neighborhoods to see how the numbers compare for active listings and houses that sell.  In the case of Baywood Village, Palm Harbor, the days on market for active listings is 392 and the days on market for houses that have sold is 105.  This indicator suggests that the sold houses were priced at market value and the houses that are active listings are still above the market value for the community.  Do yourself a favor if you are selling your home and price it at market value.  You will sell it quicker and realize more money in your pocket than if you list it high with "room to negotiate".  Listing your house too high for the market will only cost time and because of the still declining market, the value will continue to go down, as much as 1% a month.