Today, everybody is looking for a "real deal" in real estate.  They want real estate bargains in Florida and especially the Tampa Bay area.  Sellers keep waiting for the "market to come back".  Almost all experts are saying the market should bottom out by the end of the year and then we can expect a very long, protracted recovery.  We will probably never see a red hot market like a couple years ago.

The banking industry is holding about 700,000 foreclosed properties that will have to come back on the market sooner or later.  It will not be productive if they dump them into the marketplace all at once, so they will trickle out so the market can absorb the low priced inventory better.  Bank of America has almost 1,000 bank owned properties in Florida alone.  You can contact us at Sun Bay Associates if you would like an opportunity, perhaps the opportunity of a lifetime, to invest in bank owned properties and get a tremendous bargain.

If you are a consumer in the market for a "real deal", contact your local realtor.  They have access to lists of bank owned properties.  Some properties are going for less than half of what they were purchased for just a year ago.  Now is the time for the real deals to be made.  House sales are on the rise, although prices are still falling.  When this massive wave of bank owned and foreclosed properties is gone, the price to buy a home will never be this low again.