Why should you go through the pre-approval process when beginning your house-hunting efforts? There are many questions that should be addressed before anyone invests a lot of time searching for homes, driving around looking at houses, and dreaming of the one perfect home. Click on the dollar sign to learn about the mortgage pre-approval process.

For additional information on buying a house, visit our home page, then click on the buyer reports under the Buyer tab. There is a lot of excellent information for the buyer who wants to be educated.

The first thing that should happen, is the buyer should identify a lender and contact that lender to talk about the entire mortgage approval process. If the buyer has not gone to a lender, when she does talk with a Realtor, a good professional Realtor will ask if the buyer has been pre-approved. If the answer is no, then the Realtor can suggest highly competent lenders who can do the pre-approval. In essence, the pre-approval phase in the overall mortgage approval process is that the buyer will learn what she qualifies for. This keeps the buyer from asking a Realtor to show her houses that are too far above her means, it prevents the Realtor from investing hours of time and effort looking for houses that she simply can't afford, and it prevents a seller from getting excited because someone made an offer on his house and finding out weeks later that the buyer cannot qualify for a mortgage. 

For instance, if a buyer wants to find a waterfront house for sale in Dunedin, and has not gone through the pre-approval process, who really knows how much that buyer can pay for a house? Go to the dollar sign and click on it to review the steps in mortgage pre-approval. Brian P Forrester with VanDyk Mortgage explains the process in easy to understand words and makes it less scary, as the unknown tends to be. The worst part of getting a mortgage is being unprepared, and the video explains it very well.

So, click on the photo to the right if you would like to see waterfront houses for sale in Dunedin. Then, take a moment to think about what kind or mortgage will it take to buy that house. If you need a lender, take the time to do your homework and find one. Or talk to your professional Realtor who can suggest highly qualified lenders and get the process started.

Be the well prepared buyer, talk to your Realtor and talk to your lender, get pre-approved before you start looking. It will be time well spent and you will avoid being disappointed.