The Sixth Circuit Court is using federal stimulus money to hire case managers to work on the 33,000 foreclosure caseload in Pinellas and Pasco counties, which make up the Sixth Circuit Court.  Chief Judge J. THomas McGrady said the goal of hiring the case managers is to resolve at least 24,000 backlogged foreclosure cases in 2010.

The need for case managers is so the court can reduce its caseload and ease the burden on other litigation before the courts, since everyone is  entitled to his/her day in court.

The goal for these foreclosure cases is to schedule 100 summary judgment cases per day at each of the four Sixth Circuit courthouses.  Since the court convenes twice weekly, this could result in 800 cases a week coming to resolution.  Stimulus money is paying for the case managers and additional judges, such as retired judges certified by the Florida Supreme Courtto act for sitting judges when needed.

The sooner the backlog of foreclosures is cleared, the sooner the real estate recovery can begin. 

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