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Curious About the Schools in Palm Harbor??

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Now is the time to start looking for a home in Palm Harbor, if you are thinking of moving and finding a school for the next school year.  The Palm Harbor real estate market has three main ZIP codes, 34683, 34684, and 34685.  There is a lot of information available on the schools in Palm Harbor.  This special Market Insider link will take you to a page to get started investigating schools.  When you get there, simply enter a zip code and get additional info on that zip code for schools, or other community data.

As long as you are checking out the school systems, you may also want to look into house prices for an area.  You can do that on the same Market Insider page, just click on the "Market Analysis" tab, enter your zip code and learn about the Palm Harbor real estate market.

While checking out the homes for sale in Palm Harbor, you might want to find the value of your home, if you are going to be considering selling in the near future.  Get an immediate estimate of your home's market value, then if you need a customized report, contact us for a professional comparative market analysis.  As this is written, there are 136 single family Palm Harbor homes for sale in zip code 34683.

If you would be interested in seeing which Palm Harbor homes for sale are currently available, visit our IDX home search link, select a zip code, then add as many or as few other details as you like, and start searching.

Palm Harbor is a terrific community with plenty of things to do, events to attend and a whole lot of good places to eat and shop.  Visit Old Palm Harbor's downtown area, with some really good restaurants to enjoy a meal and get together with friends and family.  The Gulf of Mexico is the western border of Palm Harbor, so boating and fishing are easy activities to get involved in.

Check it out, it is a great place to live.

5 Things To Do in Palm Harbor

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Palm Harbor is a wonderful community in Florida, just a little west of Tampa and north of Clearwater and Dunedin.  The schools are excellent, the location is outstanding and close to beaches, the Tampa airport and several beautiful parks.

Here are 5 things to do in Palm Harbor, and they are just the tip of the iceberg.  They are in no particular order.

Wall Springs Park. This park has nature walks, an observation tower to walk up and look out onto St. Joseph's Sound, playground for the kids, several fishing piers for your enjoyment, public restrooms and plenty of parking.  The Pinellas Bike Trail goes right by Wall Springs Park so riding to the park is easy.

Innisbrook Golf Club.  Innisbrook is home to a PGA tour event every year.  The clubhouse and course are excellent and the rates for the summer season are really good.  This is a true test of your golfing skills, and is a stunningly beautiful course.

Suncoast Primate Sanctuary.  This is home to former movie and retired zoo apes, mostly chimps.  Ride by the Sanctuary on the Pinellas Trail, or drive to it and then walk through to see the wonderful things the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary does for these beautiful animals.  Learn about the lives of these creatures.

Sun West Cyclery.  This is a great bicycle shop where you can rent bicycles to take a trip on the Pinellas Trail.  You can even rent a recumbent bike for those who want to lie down while getting their biking exercise.  Of course you can purchase a bike here too.

The YMCA.  The north Pinellas chapter of the YMCA is in Palm Harbor.  There are lots of activities for kids and the entire family.

Palm Harbor also has tons of other things to do, so keep coming back to see what is next.  We'll talk about the schools, restaurants and other exciting things to do in Palm Harbor as time goes by.

If you would like to learn about home values in Palm Harbor, check out our home valuation link for any house that interests you.

This is a map of Baywood Village, one of the waterfront communities within Palm Harbor. Click on it to see what real estate is available in Palm Harbor.

Indian Trails, Palm Harbor

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

There is a charming community called Indian Trails, Palm Harbor that is centrally located for beaches, the Pinellas bike trail, shopping, restaurants and good schools.

This community, within the unincorporated borders of Palm Harbor, is currently zoned, in 2012-2014, for Sutherland Elementary School, Palm Harbor Middle School, and Palm Harbor University High School.  All are excellent schools.

Palm Harbor real estate has plenty of benefits and lifestyle advantages.  Among these are the Pinellas bike trail is just a short bike ride away and from there, access to the entire bicycle system in Pinellas County with more than 45 miles of bike trails is available.  You can easily ride to the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs, head out to Honeymoon Island via the Dunedin Causeway arm of the bike trail, or go to the very friendly downtown Dunedin, with its specialty shops, restaurants and micro-breweries.

Here is a summary for real estate in this neighborhood.  At present, there is only one home for sale in Indian Trails and it is listed for $285,000.  There are three houses currently under contract and in the last 90 days, four homes sold.  The average sale price in Indian Trails, Palm Harbor was $224,425 and the average square footage was 2,738.  Average days on market for these 4 sold homes was only 79 days.

The highest sale price in the last 90 days was $275,000 at a price per square foot of $98.80.  The one listing at $285,000 is a 2,796 square foot home for $102 per sf.  It has been on the market for 705 days.

Check out Indian Trails in Palm Harbor.

It isn't a buyer's market anymore!

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

With all the doom and gloom in the press about how bad the economy is, buyers seem to think that if they wait to buy a house that the sellers will have to come down in price to meet the, sometimes, outrageous offers the buyers make. And 18 months ago, that might have been true. In the Tampa Bay real estate market, that no longer seems to be true. There are micro-markets that are currently moving very well and the buyers who are waiting for the bottom of the market don't seem to understand that the train has already left the station.

The last few houses we sold went under contract in less than a month, and a couple in less than 2 weeks. That does not say it is a buyers' market. In the Palm Harbor, or Dunedin, or Oldsmar real estate markets, houses that are priced at market value are selling. Even those houses that are not exactly model homes and need a bit of maintenance are selling fast. That is not to say prices are skyrocketing. They aren't. However, prices are no longer going down and for that matter, they are no longer flat in Dunedin, or Palm Harbor, or Oldsmar or several other Pinellas County real estate markets.

A little over a year ago, we had a 15-18 month inventory of homes to sell, so a buyer had a lot of choices and could get away with a low offer. Today, we have roughly a 3 month inventory of houses. This means that savvy buyers who have been watching the market know that there is a lot of competition to buy any given house and that a low ball offer is almost for sure going to get rejected. The less savvy buyers who still think this is a dead market lose out on house, after house, after house because they think the houses are priced too high and have a hard time dealing with the fact the Palm Harbor, or Dunedin, or Oldsmar real estate markets have shifted and that Realtors are telling them the truth about the competitive nature of this market.

This house, below, sold in only 20 days, for several thousand more than the appraised price. That is not a buyer's market.

401 Driftwood waterfront home sold in 20 days.

If you are a buyer, or know a buyer, who is waiting for real estate prices to continue to decline, don't. If you do wait, you have a very, very good chance of losing the once in a lifetime house you would have liked to live in.

Autumn Woods and Indian Trails, Palm Harbor Real Estate

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

We've skipped a little time with our Palm Harbor real estate updates, however we are back.  Today we'll go over Autumn Woods and Indian Trails, Palm Harbor.  In the last 30 days, there has been one houe sold: in Indian Trails, Palm Harbor.  It was bank owned real estate and had 198 days on market.  It sold for $180,000.  It is a 2,082 square foot house, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, with a pool.

Currently, there are three houses in Indian Trails that are under contract and three houses in Autumn Woods that are under contract.  Of these, three houses are short sale real estate, all three in Indian Trails.  The houses are listed for $255,000 for a 2,796 square foot, 4 bedroom pool home with 140 days on market; $215,000 for a 2,599 square foot, 4 bedroom pool home with 724 days on market; and $199,900 for a 4 bedroom, 3 bath non-pool home.  This house went under contract after only 38 days on market.

One of the homes under contract is bank owned real estate and is in Autumn Woods, Palm Harbor.  It is a 3,213 square foot home, 4 bedrooms with a pool and is listed for $199,900.  This house had 123 days on market.

There are now five houses actively for sale in Autumn Woods and Indian Trails, Palm Harbor.  One is short sale real estate.  This one has 967 days on market and is priced at $245,000 in Indian Trails.  One home in Autumn Woods, Palm Harbor is listed for $845,000, is a 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath pool home with a 3 car garage and has 160 days on market.For more information on Palm Harbor real estate, visit our house 

to find Palm Harbor real estate, or anywhere else in the greater Tampa Bay area.

Happy House Hunting!!

Has Palm Harbor Real Estate Stabilized Yet?

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Has the Pinellas County real estate market stabilized yet?  The honest answer should be "Who knows?"  The numbers are giving us clues that just maybe, the Pinellas County real estate market has stabilized or at least started to stabilize.  The number of single family listings for year on year in June has decreased to 4,655 from the previous year of 6,479.  This represents a 28.2% decrease in single family listings in 2011 vs. 2010.  The number of Pinellas County single family home sales year on year for June went down to 786 from the previous yuear at 802.  This represents a 2% decrease in unit sales for 2011 compared to 2010.  All in all, an optimist can see that inventory is dropping to a manageable volume, from the high of 11,226 listings in March of 2007.  That month saw only 687 single family homes sell, an absorption rate of only 6%.

The absorption rate for Pinellas County in June 2011 was 16.9%.  This means that 16.9% of all single family home listed in Pinellas County in June actually sold.  The year on year absorption rate for June 2011 is up from 12.4% in June 2010.  This means that the inventory of houses is decreasing.  A small irony is that despite the decreased inventory, the mean sold prices of single family homes decreased by 2.2% in June 2011 from June 2010.

The median price for single family homes sold in June 2011 was $132,000.  The median price in June 2006 for single family homes was $238,000.  Thus, as every home seller can attest, single family home median prices have dropped by about 44% since 2006.

Now, for those sellers who are thinking that they can just ride this out for another couple of months and sell for a higher price.  My opinion, and that of many, many very knowledgeable people, is that if you do not need to sell now - DON'T.  If, as life happens, you are in a situation where you need to sell your home, swallow the bitter pill and put it on the market at a fair market price.  Doing so will net you the most money possible in the quickest time frame.  Hoping to get a price much above market value will continue to cost money and lead to a stale listing that does not sell quickly and not for the best price possible. 

What you "need" to get or "want" to get from the sale is not relevant to the market of today.  Take what the market will give you, and move on with your life.


Indian Trails, Palm Harbor a 30 Day Real Estate Update

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Today we are looking at the 30 day real estate update for the Indian Trails, Palm Harbor real estate market.  Indian Trails, Palm Harbor is a deed restricted community that has tree lined sidewalks, wonderfully landscaped homes with large yards, is very close to the Pinellas bike trail and of course the wonderful Clearwater beaches and the Sponge Docks of Tarpon Springs.  For specific community information, visit the Sun Bay Associates links page for school, community activity, tax info and much more.

Here is the latest information on the Palm Harbor real estate market in Indian Trails, Palm Harbor.  There are 6 homes listed for sale.  Two of these have been listed in the last 30 days.  One, a 2,796 square foot pool home with 4 bedrooms on Treetop Drive has only 16 days on market.  This is a Palm Harbor short sale.  The other new listing is a 3,018 square foot pool home with a 3 car garage, 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, has only 25 days on market and is not a Palm Harbor short sale.

Short sale houses are often a very good purchase since the owner usually lives in the house and is maintaining it.  These homes often sell for as much as 15-20% below market value so a buyer looking for a "deal" can find a house available for less than market value yet is good condition.  A key difference between a short sale and a bank owend home is that usually the foreclosed house is well below market value, by as much as 40%, however it is in need of major repairs or maintenance, so the 40% savings in purchase price can be eaten up quickly by repairing the home to make it livable.  Traditional, short sale and foreclosed homes all have market advantages, and there are very often more drawbacks when looking at distressed property, especially the maintenance issues.  The longer a house sits empty, the more likely the purchase price savings is going to be consumed by repairing the house.

There is one Palm Harbor distressed property in Indian Trails that is a foreclosure.  It is at 1401 Indian Trail South, is a 2,404 square foot pool home with 3 bedrooms/2 baths and is listed for only $192,000.  This Palm Harbor distressed property is very well priced for this community.

For this 30 day reporting period, there are three homes listed with pending contracts in Indian Trails, Palm Harbor.  All three are Palm Harbor short sale homes.  One, a 3,136 square foot home with 4 bedroms and 2 1/2 baths is listed for $227,000 and had only 5 days on market before it went under contract.  The other two houses in Indian Trails, Palm Harbor that are under contract and are also Palm Harbor short sale homes are:  1300 Indian Trail S, a 2,324 square foot pool home, with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.  The other home under contract in Indian Trails, Palm Harbor is at 1429 Rolling Ridge Rd., is a 2,599 square foot pool home with 4 bedrooms and is listed for $265,000 with 185 days on market.

For additional information on homes in the Palm Harbor area, or for Palm Harbor short sale homes, contact us or visit Sun Bay Associates Market Snapshot page where you can enter specific any specific address to learn more about the neighboring community, real estate activity and prices, and much more.

Patty Ann Acres Palm Harbor Real Estate Update

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Patty Ann Acres is a community within Palm Harbor that is near to the Pinellas bike trail, the Clearwater Beaches, the Dunedin Causeway and Honeymoon and Caladesi Island park and their beaches, as well as the world famous Sponge Docks of Tarpon Springs.

And the Patty Ann Acres Palm Harbor real estate update is very encouraging because there are no distressed properties listed for sale or sold in the last 30 days in Patty Ann Acres.  This is very good news for the Palm Harbor real estate market, since not every neighborhood has no active distressed properties.

Visit Sun Bay Associates Market Snapshot to get real time information on any neighborhood that interests you, whether it is Patty Ann Acres, Baywood Village, Indian Trails or any other community in the Palm Harbor real estate market.

For this 30 day period, there are three homes for sale in Patty Ann Acres Palm Harbor.  The list prices range from $145,900 to $237,900, with an average list price of $186,233.  Two houses were listed in the last 30 days.  Both are pool homes and have only have 25 days on market.  All three of the active listings in Patty Ann Acres are three bedroom homes with 2 car garages.

One house in Patty Ann Acres Palm Harbor is currently under contract.  It is at 70 Plover Pl. and was listed for $169,900.  It had only 16 days on market before going under contract.  This is a 1,747 square foot home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathss and a 2 car garage.

One house sold in Patty Ann Acres Palm Harbor in the last 30 days.  This is on 130 Laughing Gull Ln., was listed for $139,900 and sold for $130,000 after 97 days on market.  This is a 1,686 square foot home with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and 2 car garage.  It has no pool, and was NOT a distressed sale.

Happy House Hunting!

at Keller Williams Realty

Waterford Crossing Palm Harbor

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Today we are looking at Waterford Crossing Palm Harbor real estate activity for the last 30 days.  There are two houses in Waterford Crossing Palm Harbor listed for sale and neither one is a short sale or foreclosure. 

For information on the area, visit Sun Bay Associates recommended links to gather information on schools, activities, events, restaurants, county administrator sites, and much, much more.

One on Jarvis Circle is listed for $244,900 with 140 days on market.  This is a 1,903 square foot pool home with 4 bedrooms.

The other active listing in Waterford Crossing is on McNair Drive and is listed for $299,737 with 92 days on market.  This is a 2,606 square foot pool home with 4 bedrooms and a 2 car garage.

The one house in Waterford Crossing that is under contract is on Resnik Circle and is listed for $249,900 with 179 days on market.  This is a Palm Harbor short sale.  It is a 2,062 square foot pool home with 3 bedrooms.

No houses were reported sold in the MLS in the last 30 days in Waterford Crossing Palm Harbor.

If you would like to set up your own real estate search, visit Sun Bay Associates free home search site and design your personal real estate search for the greater Tampa Bay real estate market or refine it to a specific city or even neighborhood or price range.  It is free and there is no obligation.

Waterford Crossing, Palm Harbor real estate update

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

This 30 day update for Waterford Crossing, Palm Harbor real estate shows that in this highly desirable neighborhood that only two homes are currently listed for sale and one home is under contract.

If you would like to develop a Tampa Bay area real estate search, click on Sun Bay Associates FREE home search.  Then create the search that exactly matches the real estate you want.  No cost, no obligation.

The two homes for sale are on Jarvis Circle and McNair Drive respectively.  Both are 4 bedroom homes, with the Jarvis Circle house having over 1,900 square feet and the McNair house having over 2,600 square feet.  Both are pool homes and the average list price per square foot is $122.

The house under contract is a Palm Harbor short sale.  It is on Resnik Circle and is listed for $249,900 with 2,062 square feet and a list price per square foot of $121.  It was on the market for 179 days.

For specific information on houses in Waterford Crossing, or any other specific neighborhood in the the Tampa Bay area, visit Sun Bay Associates Market Snapshot for real time real estate information, including what is for sale, what has sold and for how much, and nearby amenities such as educational, shopping, dining and much more.

Happy House Hunting!!

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