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Keller Williams Gives Back to the Community

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Keller Williams real estate agents in Palm Harbor volunteered their talents for a makeover of a home in Dunedin, FL.  The project was for a family that has adopted children and taken in dozens of foster children, many with handicaps. 

This was a large community service project by these real estate agents and several other groups that provided donations of time and equipment to help us make this a success.  Working strictly on a volunteer basis, the agents, along with the appropriate licensed professional electricians, installed a new air conditioner, new windows, a new sliding glass door, a clothes dryer, and insulated the ceiling and walls of a very large, unfinished play room for the children.  The Keller Williams real estate agents then painted the inside of the newly redone playroom, painted the outside of the addition, repaired outdoor playsets, swings and basketball net, and the fence in the yard.

Another group of agents then procured lawn services to mow the grass, trim it and blow off the debris.  The agents then weeded the flower beds and placed over a dozen bags of mulch in the flower beds.  The memorial garden on the patio in the backyard was cleaned up and mulched.  When the project was over, the playroom had a new air conditioner, new carpet, fresh paint inside and out, repaired playground equipment and freshly landscaped flower beds.

The Palm Harbor Keller Williams real estate agents all contributed large chunks of time away from their businesses to give back in community service to the wonderful blended family of natural, adopted and foster children in Dunedin.  All were tired, and all felt good about giving back.  To learn more, visit the St. Pete Times link about the Keller Williams Red Day of community service.

Baywood Village Update-Palm Harbor, FL

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Baywood Village in Palm Harbor, FL is an active waterfront community.  Here is an update on activities in Baywood Village for the month of April.

Easter Saturday is an Easter egg hunt at the community clubhouse for the kids.  This is always a family friendly event and a big it with the kids.  After the Easter egg hunt, the guest of honor, the Easter Bunny will make an appearance for photos with the kids.  Then everyone can have lunch with hot dogs and sodas.

Then the Baywood Village annual fishing tourney gets underway the same day.  Boats leave in the morning and end the day with laughter and a meal in the evening.

The board of directors has arranged for a hazardous materials disposal for April 28.  Bring your hazmat stuff to the Baywood Village clubhouse and Pinellas County will pick up these hazardous materials for disposal, at no cost. 

Finally, in March, the Women's Club collected over 360 items of food to donate to the local F.E.A.S.T.  The people who live here give back to the community of Palm Harbor.  Baywood Village is a great place to live.  As a waterfront community, there are real benefits, like being able to go fishing at a moment's notice, grill dinner on your deck overlooking the canal that leads to the Gulf of Mexico in just minutes.  Those who live here enjoy the life, and also give back to their community.

Real Estate Sales Activity in Palm Harbor, FL

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Baywood Village in Palm Harbor,FL is a waterfront community on the Gulf of Mexico with a canal system that connects many homes in the neighborhood to the Gulf.  There is a wide range of home prices in Baywood Village, since the neighborhood was first started in the early 1960s.  The first homes in Baywood Village were built in the early 1960s and various phases were added over the years, with Baywood 5 being the final phase built in the late 1980s.    The phases of construction account for much of the range of home prices.  The real estate sales activity for the first two months of 2010 are below.

In the $125,000 to $175,000 price range, there are 4 houses listed and 3 sold.  The average Days on Market for the active listings is 226, the average Days on Market (DOM) for those that sold is 65.  For the three houses that sold, the average sales price was 91% of the average list price.

In the $175,000 to $300,000 price range, there are 5 houses listed, 2 under contract and 1 sold.  The average DOM for the active listings is 89 and for the one that sold is 379 and it sold for $$145,000.

In the $300,000 to $500,000 price range, there are 6 houses listed, 1 under contract and 0 sold.  The average DOM for the listed homes is 218.

In the $500,000 and above price range, there are 6 active listings, 1 under contract and 1 sold.  The average DOM for the listed homes is 165 and the 1 that sold was on the market for 147 days and was listed at $725,000 and sold for $650,000.

Generally, the longer a home is listed, it means that the list price is too high.  In some cases, especially in a short sale situation, a house may be listed for a long time because of the lengthy bank approval time for short sales. 

Naturally, home prices are down from the peak of 2005, in Baywood Village as just about everywhere else.  When houses are priced properly, sales move much quicker because the marketplace is accepting the prices.  The Days on Market or DOM is a very good indicator for homeowners to use to understand that a house that has no or very little activity in the first 30 days, or is on the market for more than 90 days, needs to have the price adjusted.  This is true in almost all cases, especially in today's market where price is the driver since there is still a lot of inventory.

Avoid Foreclosure in Palm Harbor, FL

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Imagine that you live in Palm Harbor, FL, are behind on your mortgage, and facing foreclosure.  This is not an unusual scenario for people in Palm Harbor, FL, or almost anywhere else in Florida either.  On TV and the radio, you hear ads from attorneys telling people to extend the time they can live in their homes by not paying their mortgages and eventually declaring bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure.  In some cases this may actually benefit the homeowner, but not in most cases.  After foreclosure, the homeowner is, in almost all cases, still responsible for the TOTAL mortgage balance.  And if the homeowner goes to a lawyer, there is the up front fee that must be paid to that attorney.

A real alternative is to try the short sale route.  This is simply selling the home at market value.  When an offer comes in, the homeowner asks the bank to forgive the difference between the amount owed and the amount the house sells for.  In many cases, the bank will even forgive asking for a deficiency judgment.  If the short sale is successfully concluded and the deficiency judgment is negotiated away, the homeowner can then move on with his/her life without the cloud of a massive debt hanging over them. 

If you know someone who lives in Palm Harbor, FL and is upside down in their home, or someone in your community in that situation, give the short sale approach some thought.  It is far better than declaring bankruptcy or going through foreclosure.  Click here for additional information.


Baywood Village - a Waterfront Community in Palm Harbor, FL

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Baywood Village in Palm Harbor, FL is a quiet, waterfront community that is one of the best kept secrets in  north Pinellas County.  The homes on the canal system have direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and most have docks with boat lifts right out the back door, although in Baywood Village, the dockside is considered the front door.  There is a mix of older homes and newly built homes - with all the upgrades one would expect in a waterfront community.

Of course the fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is excellent, only minutes from your dock.  Just a mile or two away from Baywood Village are Anclote Key and Three Rooker Bar, both boating destinations for the community, whether for a day trip at the beach, a weekend for fishing and partying, or for the outstanding fishing in the flats surrounding these islands.  Also, just a short ride by either car or boat is Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, just north of Palm Harbor.  Howard Park has wonderful beach and picnic facilities and is a very popular destination all year round.

Baywood Village is also a short drive from historic downtown Palm Harbor.  There are wonderful restaurants, such as the Thirsty Marlin, Peggy O'Neills Irish Eatery, and the Old Town Cafe which serves absolutely excellent coffee, coffee specialties and desserts.  Not to mention great lunches.

Palm Harbor also has excellent schools, with the jewel being Palm Harbor University High School.

One of the best features of living in Baywood Village is that it is still an affordable waterfront community.  And in the current real estate market, Baywood Village in Palm Harbor is a desirable and affordable place to live. 

Check it out.  The fish are waiting for you - right outside your "front" door.

For Sale by Owner - Oh Really!!

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

For Sale by Owner.  This sign shows up everywhere, even in the Palm Harbor, Dunedin and Tarpon Springs areas.  Homeowners believe that they are saving a lot of money and getting lots of market exposure when they get some realtor to list their house in the MLS and then never hear from that agent again.  They get no real support, no representation, no marketing help, no negotiation knowledge and they get to take all the phone calls for showing their homes, whether the "buyer" is qualified or not.

Licensed realtors screen out the unqualified buyers, they handle the phone calls and the showings, they do the marketing and the negotiation to protect the seller with the laws and other business realities involved in such a large business transaction.  Realtors market their listed houses to more than just the MLS and depending on their brokerage, may have a very significant internet presence beyond that available to the MLS.  The realtor knows the market value of a house, not the personal "memories value" of a house, and thus can negotiate accordingly with a buyer.

A key bit of information that fsbo's often overlook is the commission factor.  They think that buy having their house as a For Sale by Owner, or listed in the MLS by an agent they will never see again, that they are saving a ton of cash.  Well, to attract a buyer they pay a commission to the buyer's agent, which is usually about half of the full commission.  Then, either the buyer's agent has to take on the workload of what should be the seller's agent, or the seller has to do the work, or hire an attorney.  If the buyer's agent takes on this workload, the interest of the seller is coincidental, because the buyer's agent is working for the buyer's best interest.  By the time all is said and done, including aggravation, the savings is non-existant.  In fact, when a licensed real estate agent represents the seller and deals with the buyer's agent, according to the National Association of Realtors, the seller realizes about 13% more NET profit than relying on For Sale by Owner only.

This is typical nationally, and is repeated in the Palm Harbor, Dunedin and Tarpon Springs area.  Do yourself a favor, list your home with a licensed realtor.

Old Palm Harbor, Florida

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Palm Harbor, Florida offers a whole lot of great reasons to live there.  Of course there is US 19 with all the shopping and restaurants lining both the east and west sides of US 19.  Then there is the Old Palm Harbor, with no major highway running through it or the traffic that goes with it.  There is County Road 1 and Alt. 19 with the best parts of Old Palm Harbor lining the side streets between CR 1 and Alt. 19. 

Florida Avenue offers a great selection of restaurants and coffee shops all in the same one block area.  There is the Thirsty Marlin and Peggy O'Neil's Irish Pub and Eatery just across the street from each other.  Both offer great food, plenty of variety in the adult beverages, and camaraderie.  And they have dining outdoors. 

Right beside the Thirsty Marlin is a wonderful coffee shop with absolutely wonderful coffee blend, Baby's Coffee that is available at the Old Town Cafe in Palm Harbor, and the only other places Baby's Coffee can be had is Key West and Miami.  Plus Old Town Cafe serves wine or beer and great smoothies.  They also have Cuban sandwiches, panini, burritos, bagels and much more.  Check out the Old Town Cafe.

Locals love the Old Palm Harbor areas, shops and restaurants.  It is readily accessible from the Pinellas bike trail too.  If you are looking for a place to call home, find a little bit of real estate heaven and settle in Old Palm Harbor.

Palm Harbor, Florida

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Palm Harbor, Florida is a terrific waterfront community close to beaches and showcases the Florida lifestyle.  There is the old Palm Harbor downtown area, with events like art festivals, food tastings and an annual Parrothead party.  The schools are excellent and the best beach in Florida, Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, is just a very short drive.  Palm Harbor has a PGA quality course, Copperhead at Innisbrook and many other quality golf courses.

There are several waterfront neighborhoods with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico for fishing, beaching or just cruising.

To learn more about the area and Palm Harbor in particular, click here and you will find links to many other sources of information.

Indian Trails, Palm Harbor, Florida

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

There is a wonderful neighborhood in Palm Harbor, Florida called Indian Trails.  The houses are very well kept, there are mature live oak trees to provide lots of shade on summer afternoons and the location is excellent.  Palm Harbor is one of the most desirable communities in the Tampa Bay area, with its relaxed lifestyle, right on the Gulf of Mexico, and Indian Trails is one of the nicer neighborhoods in Palm Harbor.

Crystal Beach and Wall Springs Park are just a quick bike ride away.  Of course there is the Pinellas bicycle trail for a short ride to a nearby park, or for the hearty and serious rider, a trip to Tarpon Springs or Honeymoon Island is not too far.  The closest airport is the St. Pete-Clearwater International airport, only 13 miles away.  And the Dunedin Blue Jays play all summer only 6 miles away.  Spring training facilities for the Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees are all just a short drive, with the Yankees the farthest, at less than 30 miles from Indian Trails in Palm Harbor.

There are 14 schools, 6 public and 8 private, within 2 miles of Indian Trails, including Palm Harbor University High School, the Palm Harbor Montessori Academy, elementary and middle schools, day care and several other private schools. 

Shopping, for both food and other things, is easy.  There are 8 grocery stores, including Winn Dixie and 7-Eleven, and 4 department stores, including Steinmart and Walmart within easy driving distance of two miles or less.  And just so you don't have to worry about dining out, there are 32 restaurants within 2 miles of Indian Trails, from fine Italian dining at Casa Ludovico, to the camaraderie at Peggy O'Neills Irish Pub and Eatery, to pizza at Westshore Pizza.

Indian Trails is truly one of the nicest neighborhoods in one of the nicest towns along the west coast of Florida.

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