How often has a seller said "I'm going to sell my house right after the holidays are over."?  Yes, selling a house is a challenge under the best of circumstances.  The holidays add a little stress, and require some balancing of time.  At the same time, a house that is decorated for the holidays "feels" warm to most buyers.  Many, if not most, buyers who are looking during the holidays are very serious and tend to want to buy a home, and not wait for after the holidays.

Also, for sellers, the market is less competitive during the holiday season.  Many potential sellers use the same excuse to wait for after the first of the year to put their houses on the market.  And what that will cause is more competition after the holidays for buyers.  More competition can cause depressed prices, so sellers who wait will net less money after the holidays than if they had sold during the holidays.

The decorations will be gone, and in some cases, houses will not show as warmly as they did when decorated.  Some buyers suffer from post-holiday blues and may be much more critical of a house than during the holidays.

And finally, wouldn't the holidays be much more relaxed knowing that your house has been sold and right after the holidays you will begin a new adventure in a new home, with all the excitement that comes with a fresh beginning?

Take a look at homes that are for sale in the Palm Harbor area now, during the holidays.