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Morning Coffee for May 31

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates
Monday   Morning Coffee


Everyone says it differently, but the message is the same.
Here are three oft-quoted thoughts on "thinking":

"You are what you think about all day long."
"Your life is what your thoughts make of it."
"As you think, so shall you be."


What is a thought? Scientifically speaking, it is nothing more than a random electrical impulse in the brain. If you are relaxing, not focusing on any particular thoughts, your brain continues to fire off those random impulses which, in turn, are triggering random, unfocused thoughts - like the itch on your arm, how hummingbirds fly, or your Aunt Ellen's new car.

What's interesting is that everything in sight of you right now is the result of someone's focused thoughts. The computer screen, the window nearby, and the chair in which you are sitting came into existence as the result of a single focused thought. Henry Ford thought about a V-8 engine for his cars, and then insisted that his engineers create it. Jonas Sauk thought about eliminating polio - and did.

Whether you choose to focus your thoughts or not, your day will be filled with them. They just don't stop. But wait - there's an "Aha!" or a "Voila!" in here for you. Just think of the possibilities when you realize the power of thought - and put it to work for you. The amazing thing about thoughts is that you have complete control over them. You either put these electrical impulses to work for you through focused attention - or they happen anyway, but in a random, impotent manner akin to a static electrical discharge.

Everything tangible in our world today was created by an action, preceded by someone's thought - from a straight pin to a Pentium processor, from a blight-free American chestnut tree to your garage-door opener. So - what thoughts will you be having today?

They don't have to be life-changing or global in scope to make your personal world better. They need only be focused. Just remember, you control your thoughts - and their possibilities are endless.

Price Your Home in Today's Market

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

The question of how to price your home in today's market is very important in today's Tampa Bay real estate market.  Unlike just a few years ago when a home might be priced a little higher than market value and the market would catch up to it.  In today's real estate market, especially in the Tampa Bay real estate market, pricing is critical.  If a home is priced above market value today, it is already on life support because prices are still falling and the market train has already left the station. 

The role of the realtor is perhaps more important than in the past many years since sellers may not be aware of the true market conditions, or may be in total denial of the actual market conditions and a professional realtor will provide the dose of honesty needed to get a home priced right and sold.

In the Tampa Bay real estate market, the median sale price of a home in April of 2006 was $220,000.  Today, in the same Tampa Bay real estate area, the median sale price of a home in April of 2011 is $125,000.  Even only one year ago, the median sale price of a house in the Tampa Bay real estate market in April of 2010 was $134,000 and in April of 2011 the mediam sale price of a house is $125,000.  This is a 6.4% decrease in market value in only one year.  In almost every instance, it is foolish for a seller to insist on setting a list price above market value, or above what the house may have sold for only three years ago.  To do so is setting up the seller for failure and will almost surely cost the listing agent time, money and reputation.

Another way to look at price and how competitive it has become is to look at what is on the market today in the Tampa Bay real estate market.  For instance, in the $200,000 to $249,999 price range, there were 1,758 single family homes for sale in April 2010.  Out of those 1,758 houses for sale in that price range, 38 sold in April.  That means that 1,740 did NOT sell.  For most folks, that is a big number and indicates how competitive the market is, and how vitally important it is to price a house correctly.  Failure to do so is almost sure banishment to the lingering death of an expired listing that over six months can cost the seller another 5-10% in value. 

In no price range was the rate of sales compared to listings as high as 8%.  This means in every price category in the Tampa Bay real estate market, more than 90% of the homes for sale DID NOT SELL.

The moral of the story is you can price your home correctly today and get it sold, or you can price it where you "need" it to be, and watch the market pass you by and find better value somewhere else.  This is a harsh lesson.  The current market is harsh.

Act now, be wise and be ahead of the market so when the buyer comes along, you are there and not outside hoping to get a straggler.  PRICE IT RIGHT!!

If you would like pricing information on a neighborhood, visit Sun Bay Associates Market Snapshot for a free and very comprehensive report.

Monday Morning Coffee, 5/16/2011

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Happy Monday Morning!!  Did you know that in the Pinellas County, FL real estate market, the absorption rate for houses in the month of April was 15.4%.  This means the for every 100 houses on the market in Pinellas County, FL in April, 15 of them sold.  This is the fourth consecutive month that the number of houses sold, or absoprtion rate, in Pinellas County, FL has increased.  Of course, if a house is in the unsold 85%, this is still not a good market.  The good news is that the number of houses being sold is increasing.  The average price of a house sold in April of 2011 was 1.7% less than for a house sold in April 2010, and that is a sign the market has not quite yet stopped declining.  Now, let's see what we have for our Monday Morning Coffee.

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Now for your Morning Coffee!

Country Woods, Palm Harbor

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

There are currently only two homes listed in the Multiple Listing Service for Country Woods, Palm Harbor.  These are executive home values.  One is 2894 Turtle Terrace, is a 3,200 square foot home with 3 car garage and is listed for $425,000.  The list price per square foot is $133.  The other home in Country Woods, Palm Harbor is on 2713 Beagle Path Way, is a 3,246 square foot home with a 3 car garage and is listed for $329,900.  The list price per square foot for this executive home is $102. 

For entry into one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the Palm Harbor and Dunedin area, the home on 2713 Beagle Path Way seems to be an exciting bargain.  To learn more about this home, which is listed for nearly $100,000 less than its competition, and has a list price per square foot of $31 less, visit

Country Woods, Palm Harbor is actually in Dunedin, thus has access to the Dunedin boat ramp and the other amenities available to Dunedin residents.  Country Woods also is zoned for the Palm Harbor University High School.  To learn more about the schools in the area, visit Sun Bay Associates recommended links page and find information on schools, recreation, taxes and much, much more. 

Come, check out Country Woods, Palm Harbor.  Live in an executive neighborhood, near to the Pinellas County bike trail, and the fabulous beaches on our coast, including Clearwater Beach, Caladesi Island and Honeymoon Island state park.

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