Today in Dunedin it is 56 degrees.  It is only 49 degrees in Boston, MA right now.  Thing is, this Saturday, it will be 74 degrees in Dunedin, and it still will be only 49 degrees in Boston.  This evening, Gwen and I will stroll along the Pinellas Bike Trail to downtown, stop in a local place and perhaps enjoy an adult beverage, or tonight maybe a hot cocoa.  Then we'll walk back home, or head west two blocks to watch the sunset.

The Dunedin lifestyle allows us this privilege, of being close to work, having the Florida lifestyle in our favorite little city, enjoying fresh seafood, al fresco dining (although we'll wait for the weekend when it is a  tad warmer), watching the sunsets over Honeymoon Island, and never having to open a car door.  We can go for a healthy walk on the Pinellas Bike Trail, stroll around downtown for ice cream, or cocoa, or Tapas at Casa Tina's, or fresh catch of the day at the Dunedin Marina restaurant, or savor a unique local brew at Dunedin Brewery, and then just walk home.

The Dunedin lifestyle is what we have been looking for for years.  Now we are living it.  Quaint cottages and Craftsman homes, tree lined streets, excellent restaurants, street festivals seemingly all year round, spectacular coast sights such as Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island with the sun setting over both, and always meeting someone we know on our walks.  It is a wonderful place to live and be.