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Remodel Projects that Pay Off

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

The ideas below come from Realtor magazine and help homeowners on a limited budget how to spruce up their homes for very little money, and even get a great return on the investment.  These can be especially helpful when selling a home.

"Everybody is hot for granite kitchen countertops, but that can be a $5,000 upgrade," says John Wilder, a general contractor and owner of Fence and Deck Doctor in New Castle, Ind. "Instead, home owners can put in 12-inch granite tiles for about $300 in materials and get very high impact for little money.

"With a dated bathroom, I recommend putting in a new medicine cabinet for $100 to $150, light fixtures for about $100, a faucet for $50 to $75, and a vanity for $200 to $300," says Wilder. "And instead of replacing the tile, the existing grout can be lightly scraped and regrouted, which leaves a haze that can be buffed out and will make the tile look brand new. Also install glass shower doors. A French door adds a lot of panache and elegance for $250, and people will notice the door, not the tile. With all that, you’ve done a bathroom remodel for $1,000 to $2,000."

Thus, you can see that it is possible to make a high impact visual change for not really a lot of money.


Florida Beats Out California-in Foreclosures

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

Florida has moved into second place, behind only Nevada, and edging out California.  Unfortunately, it is NOT for something good.

Florida edged out California for the second place in the national foreclosure rate, lagging behind only Nevada in the percentage of home mortgages in default. Florida’s November figure was 7.6 percent higher than November 2008 and 2.0 percent higher than October 2009.  One out of every 165 homes was in some stage of foreclosure proceedings, according to a national report released by RealtyTrac.  Nationally, 306,627 homes, one out of every 447 homes, were in foreclosure, up 18.4 percent from November 2008. But the national rate represented the fourth straight month of national declines. James Saccacio, RealtyTrac chief executive, credited the drop to loan modification efforts and an extension of the federal first-time homebuyer program.  But long-term stability may be more elusive as the industry recovers from its worst slump in decades.  “A full recovery will only come when unemployment recedes to normal, healthy levels and when availability of credit reaches a more rational balance between the extremes of the past few years,” Saccacio said in a statement.  With 52,935 Florida properties receiving foreclosure statements, reversing a two-month trend of fewer defaults than the previous month.  Two Florida cities were among the top 10 metro areas in the nation. Cape Coral/Fort Myers held the 4th spot with one out of every 96 homes in foreclosures while Orlando/Kissimmee ranked 8th with one in every 120 homes in default.

Foreclosure impacts everyone!!

by Doug & Gwen Campbell at Sun Bay Associates

The topic of foreclosure is not an embarrassing secret to be whispered about any longer, nor is the topic of a short sale.  Falling behind on mortgage payments happens to people from every economic level, from celebrity status, such as Nicholas Cage, who lost two homes in New Orleans to foreclosure, to the man in the street who for whatever reason falls behind on payments.  Nicholas Cage's two homes were appraised at $6.8 million and sold for $5.6 million.

Whether it is loss of a job, death in the family, or mismanaged funds, foreclosure can be a fact of life to everyone.  One way to avoid a foreclosure, that can be financially devastating for most people, is to go through a short sale.  This can allow the homeowner to get out from under the debt of a home that has a mortgage that is more than the home is worth and the bank may forgive the balance due.  To learn more about short sales, click on this link.

Remember, foreclosure is not the end of the world and can be avoided as long as the homeowner seeks and receives credible counseling.  Whether you are a celebrity or not and are behind on your mortgage payments, a short sale is one option to avoid foreclosure.

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