Here are some interesting statistics for the East Lake area of Palm Harbor, FL.  The median list price is $302,660.  The median Days on Market is 119. (This is a little hint that there are some houses in East Lake that are probably priced higher than the market will bear, however that is a topic for another day.). There are 173 active listings in East Lake, Palm Harbor.  Of these 173 active listings, 28.9% are distressed properties.  Another way of looking at this is that 50 of the 173 listings are either foreclosures or short sales.

The distribution of ownership can also be interesting.  Of all homes in East Lake, Palm Harbor, 73.24% are owned, 12.56% are rented and there is a vacancy rate of 14.2%.  The higher the vacancy rate, the greater difficulty there can be in selling homes.

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For serious home buyer, the first thing to do is to be pre-approved by your lender.  That is, unless you are paying with cash.  Trying to purchase a home before being pre-approved can be very difficult.  Many times a homeowner that is trying to sell his home as a For Sale By Owner will get an offer from an unqualified buyer, think he has a deal, and often pass up on subsequent legitimate offers.  Then, when the buyer goes to apply for a mortgage, they don't qualify, can't buy the home, and the seller has lost time and possibly a buyer who could have qualified. 

A professional realtor will insist that a buyer at the very least be pre-qualified, although being pre-approved is much better.  Even when a buyer brings a realtor a pre-qualification letter, it is a very good idea to have that buyer go to a known lender for another pre-qualification letter, whether or not the buyer uses that lender.  This will confirm that the buyer can afford the house.  Pre-approval is a valuable tool to let the buyer know what price range he can afford.  If the buyer is qualified for $250,000, there is no point in looking a $500,000 houses, this will only lead to frustration.

The more information a buyer has the better the chances for a successful home purchase experience.

By the way, now is a great time to be looking for a house.  There are not as many buyers on the market right now, sellers may be willing to look at offers that don't quite come up to their hope because there is less activity.  Why wait until after the holidays when everybody and his brother will start looking again.  Take advantage of the lull and go out and find the perfect home now.  Beat the holiday crush.

So to all, have a very Happy Thanksgiving.