Halloween has come and gone. Now the fall festival season is in full swing and one of the very best is Dunedin's 21st Annual Craft Festival, held on Main Street in Dunedin on Nov. 16 and 17 from 10 am to 5 pm both days. There will be 100 of the very best craftsmen from around the country exhibiting their wares on Dunedin's downtown Main Street. This is a juried crafts festival and there were hundreds of applications, with only the top 100 being selected. There are crafts for all price ranges, from the inexpensive - less than $5, to over $3,000 and everything in between.

There is also going to be a Green Market with exotic plants and special dips and other gourmet foods to purchase.

Best of all, admission is free.

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Or just visit the craft festival then stroll down to the waterfront and watch the sunset. Dunedin has it all. Sunsets are free too. The Dunedin Marina at sunset is simply peaceful.

Dunedin Marina at Sunset